You may have the best products, the best services and be a leader in your local market... but in order to be successful in the global market, you need to speak the right language. Our translators are always based in the local country and provide language services exclusively in their mother tongue.

Translation Services

All our translations are done by in-country professional translators and revised by a senior proof-reader with excellent knowledge in the field. We believe in long-term partnership with our clients so we always work with proactivity in mind. If there is anything we can do to streamline a process, we'll always make suggestions.

We are using Translation Memories technologies (not Machine Translation) to re-use content and for better language consistency. The benefit is double: consistent content wording and budget savings on the long-term. It also means you can save money on any content update. If your company releases an updated product or a new model; all existing translations can be leveraged. Should you wish more info on this, we could organize a live demonstration.

We are used to many file formats so we can send you back the translated content in the same format as the original files (Word, Excel, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator…).

Translation - Computer-Aided Translation (experience with several CAT tools)

Our fields of expertise
- Information Technologies
- Civil Construction
- Automotive
- Telecom
- New Technologies
- Appliances User's guide
- Cooking/Culinary
- Tourism and Travel

Online help & Documentation

- Documentation (Manual, User's Guide, etc.)
- Help Translation
- Document and Design
- Multilingual and multi-platform screen shooting service
- Reports and technical white papers
- Marketing materials
- Catalogues
- Brochures

DTP Services

- Layout & Desktop Publishing (very strong team for Indesign)
- Graphics (all formats)
- Multilingual Packaging adaptation