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your Production4Communication partner !

Are you looking for...

... an efficient and professional support including:

  • Quick response times
  • No hassle with stock management
  • Competitive prices for best quality output
  • Short communication lines
  • Maximum Control
  • Creativity and solutions
  • Delivery according to your schedule
  • Flexibility





    App Mobile


    App your life

    SDB Company is now creating Applications for iPhone, iPad and Android. 

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    Small Management Units

    Every project is managed from a Small Management Unit point of view, with a team...

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    home-price Price Negotiation Process

    SDB systematically challenges its suppliers to ensure that you profit from the best pricing...

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    home-qualityIntegral Quality Management

    SDB breaks down the management of the production process in...                   

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    Home-page-time Just In Time Delivery Process

    SDB offers “Just In Time Decentralized Delivery” service to its clients...

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    How well is your company represented online?

    SDB offers a complete set of Website design, Newsletter design and development services from concept to complete development and deployment.

    Website Design

    Our strategic approach maximises your website's role as a communications tool, clearly defining its purpose and objectives within the marketing mix.

    We build scalable solutions to suit your requirements from static html sites, Flash, dynamic-content in Flash or a fully content managed site.

    All our CMS (Content Management System) sites are optimised for search engines and combined with lead tracking tools that effectively measure the performance of any marketing/advertising/PR campaigns currently running and show additional user information about what users are looking at – an invaluable aid to converting sales.

    Newsletter Design

    Newsletters are the heart of any internal corporate communications, delivering key information to employees around your company or clients.

    From name generation, page layouts, copywriting, amends and final proofs, we ensure your newsletter meets all your requirements and is delivered on time and on budget!



    home-logisticProprietary Stock Management

    SDB services includes the management of your stock of communication...

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    home-one-stopOne Stop Shopping

    SDB offers a wide range of services and solutions, covering 2D and 3D production...

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    home-managementParticipative & Consultative

    SDB is not a supplier but a service provider supporting your whole communication...

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    If you are interested in receiving further information contact us.                               

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